Epona develops software solutions that make professionals more productive.

Since 1993, Epona Software Productions has been developing custom application solutions for nearly every vertical for small to large enterprises.  With the launch of SharePoint 2010, Epona drawing from its deep experience in document management platform development, launched DMSforLegal and DMSforSharePoint.  The development of a .COM add-in to the Microsoft Office Suite and Windows Explorer provided a full, seamless, and easy methodology for professionals to take advantage of the incredible capabilities that SharePoint 2010 offered, including native drag and drop capabilities, and much more.

Today, Epona suite of productivity software offers the full range of required software that small and large enterprises demand. Beginning with DMSforLegal, DMSforSharePoint, Epona has built the most comprehensive document management software solution set for the SharePoint Online (Office 365) or SharePoint on Prem (2010, 2013, 2016).  Additionally, Epona also offers Contact Manager (CRM), and LegalWord (Document Templates/Assembly) for all business types.  Our solutions are modular in that a small or large enterprise can utilize one, two or all three software solutions and integrate these solutions in Microsoft Office (2010, 2013, 2016), as well as the Microsoft Epona Matter Center and financial practice management systems, or other third party CRM products.

In need of software that is easily adaptable to changing circumstances? Epona delivers high quality solid software development services.


Designed to simplify and how professionals work.

DMSforLegal & DMSforSharePoint
Document Management for SharePoint

Next generation matter centric DMS based on Microsoft SharePoint and fully integrated with Microsoft Office. Providing full cloud based or on premises Document and Email Management.

Client/Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The most effective client/customer relationship management (CRM) system available for the professional services industry, providing email campaigns, matter/project management capabilities, and more. Cloud or on Premises Based.

LegalWord (Document Templates)
Automated Document Creation & Assembly

A fully professional corporate identity pack integrated with common software applications (Microsoft Office, Office365) and CRM products to pull Customer/Client data to populate common and complex documents, emails, and templatized documents.


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