Time for a New Year Resolution

Beach with 2017 becoming 2018

Time for a New Year Resolution

It’s that time again. Time to prepare to improve something about your life as the New Year approaches.

Maybe it’s a promise to quit smoking, exercise more, lose weight, save money, or one of a dozen other promises we make to ourselves. Realistically, 90% of us most don’t make it through February. I know personally, that I have tried to keep it simple, and just do one thing a little more. Instead of walking 4 miles a week, I shoot for 5. Instead of planning to go to the gym every day, I commit to just 2. And I do squeeze in one more effort at least once a month.

My 2017 Goal Success

I haven’t seen “200” on a scale since my cardiac by-pass surgery in 2006. This year I made it my absolute goal to drop 20 pounds – and I am pretty close. And all I did was remove wheat from my diet, and not just bread. I cut out the pasta I love so much. No more buns for brats, hot dogs or hamburgers either. While I haven’t crossed the magic number of 200, I am pleased to share that I am at 202 pounds – which is a pretty far throw from 228. No applause please…..Just follow along!

A 2018 Goal to consider – EMBRACE CHANGE

First, a little background: Earlier this year, my longtime friend @KeithVallely from @EponaUSA, asked me to assist him and his European colleagues at the ILTA Conference in Las Vegas. Knowing the brilliant @Marcel_Lang, and getting to meet @RobDuijndam from Documentaal, made this an easy decision. I’ve done ILTA events before, and the booth traffic was good, and we learned to enjoy those long walks from the conference hotel to the Luxor where we bunked during our time in Las Vegas.

Now before you think this is an attempt to cleverly disguise an advertorial for Epona’s products, let me stop you. You see, when Keith approached me, I had significant reservations about getting involved with the Epona I used to know.

Then quickly I learned that the entire Epona model had changed.

Why I decided to Embrace Epona:

1) With the advent of Office 365 and SharePoint on-line and a hat-trick that Microsoft had developed and turned into open source by putting it in the git-hub. This was the Matter Center.

2) I had personally been a part the trials and tribulations of a simple upgrade of another standalone DMS. I dealt with the embarrassment of estimates that turned out to be way off the mark, leaving the customer liaison who vouched for us often embarrassed. Now, you’ll notice I am choosing not to name names, since I want to stay out of the typical character assassination and rise above it without poking anyone in the eye. But suffice to say, that projects often went on for a very long time, busted the original budget by 2-3X what the plan was supposed to be, not to mention the internal turmoil that were always going on because of these delays.

3) I sat down for an over-the-phone demo with Keith of the NEW DMSforLegal and DMSforSharePoint. I had already watched a video done by Managing Director Bart van Wanroij. Even he appears surprised at the simplicity of creating a fully functioning DMS with an Epona modified Matter Center, Office 365 and SharePoint online. The typical operation of moving documents from shared drives or old DMS products seemed to be as simple as choosing which tie to wear to a meeting.

4) The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. By the time we got to ILTACon in August, there were an honest 100 implementations of this solution set of software tools. And it wasn’t ONLY legal. Telephone companies, Insurance Companies, Distribution Companies. They were all gleefully installing initial implementations, and once testing was complete, they were rolling it out in no time (yes, weeks, not months).

5) Now I know I told you this wasn’t an advertisement. But it’s worth mentioning that the resources to evaluate the opportunity, come up with a proposal, develop a means to migrate existing documents from whatever the client was using, training the users, and provide support during roll-out, was basically the work of two meta-humans team (for those of you who watched the Justice League) of Keith Vallely and Marcel Lang.

6) The Epona team seem pleased with my work, the choices I picked out for booth handouts, the setup of demos, and the time management, so they offered me an opportunity to continue to work with them on a contractor basis. Here’s the point when I choose to go “all-in”.

In my 40 years, I have enjoyed working with smart leaders before, but few like Keith and Marcel who are focused on the customer, their needs beyond today, and how to develop relationships to add features not native to the product yet.

And here is the best part. When I was selling other DMS products, we built in a 20% budget for renewal. This was not too much for my customers in the beginning. But as they would roll out these products, they would discover that they not only needed more base licenses but additional modules such as Mobility, and Information Governance and Workflow, as examples. I can recall a client “sneaking up” on his renewal letter, like a college student getting his/her grades. That’s not the case with the Epona solution. It’s straightforward, and there are no surprises.

My purpose here is not to sound like an Epona salesman (because I am not). Instead I am looking to share what have come to know. If you’ve been using the same DMS, and are happy with it and the fees, I’m truly not going to try and change your mind. But I would like to help you open it just a bit.

Why? Because I want to demonstrate a change to embrace for your business. A change where you get all the features you need, for less cost. Then add a much faster implementation than I’ve ever seen.


Send Keith a note at keith.vallely@epona.com. Let him explain the EponaUSA solution and give you some references you can follow up with and give you a “Yelp-type” review of their experience.
You have nothing to lose, and it’s much easier than that promise to drop 20 pounds by July.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thank you for reading what I’m thinking.

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